KARITENE is a range of products made with 100% natural, unrefined SHEA butter (KARITÉ) from fair-trade sources, specifically, women’s cooperatives in Mali that make organic products using traditional methods.

What is SHEA?

SHEA is a tree, with scientific name Vitellaria Paradoxa, that is native to the wooded savannahs of Western Africa. In the languages native to this part of Africa, the word “SHEA” means “butter tree”.

Why does unrefined SHEA butter have a smell?

SHEA butter has a characteristic natural aroma that may be more or less intense according to the production process and its quality. However, when it is white and odorless, this means that it has undergone a refining process with chemical products, causing it to lose approximately 70-75% of its natural properties.

How is SHEA butter collected?

SHEA butter is obtained through a process of grinding, washing and boiling the nuts of the SHEA tree.

Our Commitment

Karitene protección del recurso natural

Craftsman = 100% Authentic

Karitene 100%natural Bio sin refinar

Organic = 100% Natural

Karitene comprometida con el comercio responsable y justo

Equitable = 100% Fair Trade

Karitene comprometida con el desarrollo social y ambiental

Respectful = 100% Cruelty free

Karitene compromiso social mujeres de Mali

Charity = 100% Cooperative

Karitene cien por ciento vegetal

Vegan = 100% Vegetable

What is SHEA butter used for?

SHEA butter has been used for centuries as a food, either directly or converted to oil, thought heating, in the preparation of foods. It has also been used traditionally to treat illnesses and wounds, to hydrate the skin and as a sunscreen.

For several decades, it has been used in cosmetic products thanks to its incredible moisturizing properties (greater than 24 hours), as massage oil, or as a substitute for cocoa butter.


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